Acidizing Lab

Acidizing is a fast response and cost-effective method to improve the well productivity and e oil and gas production enhancement. Optimization of this method is the main purpose of this research group. The acidizing lab is used to simulate the acidizing and other well stimulation process.


  • Matrix Acidizing optimization research
  • Fluid Diversion optimization research
  • Prevention of formation damage during acidizing
  • New stimulation chemicals and technologies


  • Core Plugging Machine
  • Core Cutting Machine
  • Soxhlet Extractor
  • CO2-Solvent Core Cleaning
  • Dean Stark Extractor
  • Gas Permeameter
  • Liquid Permeameter
  • Helium Porosimeter
  • Helium Porosimeter at Confining Pressure
  • HP-HT Viscometer
  • Liquid-Liquid Unsteady State Relative Permeameter
  • Pendant Drop Contact Angle and IFT Measurement
  • HP-HT Pendant Drop IFT Measurement
  • Spinning Drop IFT Measurement
  • Mixer
  • Acid Core Flooding apparatus

This apparatus is designed to inject acids and other stimulation fluids into one or two rocks sample (parallel flooding) at reservoir conditions. The main objective is dissolving the reservoir rock or minerals/ deposits present in the rock to restore/improve the natural permeability of it. Equipment mainly consists of the syringe pumps; pre-flush fluid/ diverting fluid/acid accumulators; the core holders; the data acquisition system; and the back pressure regulators. The unit allows for constructing the acid response curve in terms of pressure drop or permeability versus time or amount of injected acid. The efficiency of different HCL-HF formulations to attack plugging minerals and effects of flow rate and temperature on core sample permeability can also be studied.

Figure 1. Schematic Diagram of Newly Designed Acidizing Apparatus in Sharif University   



Figure 2. The Picture of Acidizing Apparatus in Sharif University of Technology