Iran Oil Reserve is estimated to be more than 550 billion barrels; only 150 billion barrels of this reserve is expected to be produced using the current technology.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques are the main key to this huge, 400 billion barrels, remaining oil in place.

Started in 1995 at Shiraz University and continued up to now at Sharif University of Technology, EOR Excellence Research Center conducts experimental and modeling investigations for oil recovery techniques and educational activities through close collaboration with other universities, NIC(s) and IOC(s) partners in EOR field. Since 2005, this center has pressed forward its activities as a national research center due to the essential need for a regional research institute in the south part of Iran, close to the giant oil and gas fields. Screening and designing EOR techniques for all reservoirs, manufacturing the main EOR laboratory apparatuses, providing laboratory services, investigating micro/Nanoscale and mechanisms any EOR processes, and developing AI-based software are the main part of our activities.